Flight Instructor Grade 3

FIR Explained

After the completion of your Commercial Pilot Licence, many pilots will choose to further their skills and career opportunities by obtaining an Instructor rating To take on the role as a teacher and mentor for eager young pilots, requires a strong and determined person. You will work with trainee pilots in both ground and flight instruction. This is a challenging training course but most rewarding once completed. There is no way to explain the feeling of watching a student you haved trained, take their first solo flight as you once did. You will experience your own skills, knowledge and general flying ability increase while passing the same onto your students.
Your instructor rating will set you on your way to a rewarding flying career within the aviation industry.

Inspire Aviation’s Initial Flight Instructor Rating course is conducted in accordance with the requirements stated in CASR Part 61T.

(FIR) Candidates will undertake an intensive twelve-week classroom and instructor flight training program to develop the required skills for the issue of a Flight Instructor Rating with Grade 3 Training Endorsement and SEA Class Rating Training Endorsement.

Course Structure:

This course will follow several phases of training leading to the final assessment.

Phase I: CASA required PMI Theory course and training assessment ~ 2 weeks duration.
Phase II: Flight Instruction Training – Ground Briefings (150 hours) and Instructor FlightTraining (30 hours) ~ 10 weeks duration

Enrolment Details
Entry Criteria:

Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane
Current Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
Current Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
Spin Flight Activity Endorsement
Successfully pass CASA PMI exam (Training provided during course)
Pre-enrolment questionnaire and interview with Inspire Aviation HOO

Tuition Fees:
Estimate of Fees: A$22900.00 (Final cost will depend on candidates’ choice of training aircraft)

Fees are subject to change. Full details, terms and conditions provided in writing upon successful application.

Payment Options:

Option 1: Candidates may choose to pay $2500 at commencement of the course followed by 11 equal weekly instalments.
Option 2: Candidates may elect to pay 3 equal monthly payments.
Option 3: Payment in full at commencement of course. 5% discount applies.

Tuition Fee Inclusions:
• Principles and Methods of Instruction
• 30 Hours Dual Flying
• 5.0 Hours Mutual Flying
• Initial FIR Flight Test
• 150 hours of ground training.

Non-Tuition Fees:
Tuition fees do not include the following items. Candidates will complete at their own expense:

• Spin Flight Activity Endorsement (Can be arranged by Inspire Aviation if required)

• CASA PMI Exam Fee: Approx $178.00

Note: Should further training and or subsequent attempts of exams and flight tests be required, then this remedial ground and or flight training will be in addition to the course expense. Fees will be charged at the relevant course aircraft, and instructor hourly rate.

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