Once you have made the decision to become a pilot and have started to learn to fly, you will realize that your flying lessons will include theory which is required for you to pass your flights, exams and obtain your pilot certificate.

Along with your flying lessons you can participate in the RA(AUS) Ground Theory courses provided by Inspire Aviation as the knowledge you obtain through the theory courses becomes invaluable during your practical lessons and while you are flying you will often find yourself referring back to the things you have learnt in your theory lessons.

Inspire Aviation has a team of qualified Instructors who offer courses for RA(AUS) Ground Theory which covers all the subjects for your Advanced Pilots Award including the following RA(Aus) subjects:

1)Flight Radio Operator;
2)Human Factors;
4)Pre Solo;
5)Basic Aeronautical Knowledge;
6)Meteorology; and

We also offer General Aviation courses course from Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and Private Pilots Licence right through to Commercial Pilots Licence, Basic Gas Turbine, and Instrument Flight Rules, for everyone interested.

With Inspired Aviation we run regular courses at scheduled dates and times, and also we can run courses on demand if there is adequate interest. You are able to attend the RA(AUS) Ground Theory courses on dates which are suitable to you, without having to miss out on work or any other commitments you might have.

Take your flying lessons to a new level, contact us today for the latest dates available for RA(AUS) Ground Theory courses.

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