Pilot Certificate

The Recreational Aviation Australia (RA_Aus) Pilot Certificate is the first stage along the way. You must be aged 15 years or more and be medically fit to drive a motor vehicle in Australia. To achieve this certificate, you will have completed a minimum of 20 hours flying training which includes 5 hours of solo flight. Before each flight you will receive a detailed briefing on the lesson procedure you are about to undertake, for example:  Straight & Level – Climbing and Descending.

You will then commence the actual flying component of the lesson where your instructor will demonstrate all the techniques involved and then assist with your practising of this manoeuvre until you are proficient. With each lesson you will become more familiar and confident with controlling the aircraft, an increasing ability to apply strong airmanship techniques and finally the ultimate outcome of achieving your Pilot Certificate.

Once achieved, this Certificate allows you to fly as pilot in command within a 25 nautical mile radius from the airfield  of departure by yourself. This is the stepping stone to your future as a pilot.

Many people may already have some pilot training or qualification behind them. This may reflect in the time required to obtain your certificate. Please call us or drop in to discuss any questions you may have regarding obtaining a Pilot Certificate.

Below is a link to the RA-Aus Operations Manual where you may view all details for the issue of a pilots certificate.

Click Here to visit RA-Aus Operations Manual!



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