Multi-Engine Class Rating

Enhance your career with the addition of a Multi-Engine Class Rating to your licence. Training is conducted in our IFR Beechcraft Duchess B76 VH-ZRS


The Multi-Engine Class Rating is an essential step for those who are looking for their first job in the industry, or have spent some time in that first job and are ready to make themselves eligible for a role on a multi-engine aircraft. For those looking to ultimately attain airline employment, multi-engine flight time is valuable experience for the logbook and resume. This is also the first step in gaining an Instrument Rating with Multi-Engine Instrument Endorsement.


You must hold the following in order to commence this course.

  • Hold at least a PPL or CPL
  • Hold at least a current Class 2 medical


The standard syllabus hours for completion of this course are outlined below. Full-time, this course could be completed in a week. Training is available on flexible schedules.

  • 7 hours briefing time
  • 6 hours dual training
  • 1.5 hour flight test (private hire + examiner fee)


The following cost structure applies to the course. The flight test fee applies once only, if a re-test is required, it is performed at the dual rate.

  • Briefing Time $88/hour
  • Dual Training $695/hour
  • Private Hire (Test) $595/hour
  • Flight Test Fee $550

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