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Had an introductory flight with Euan, great instructor with good attitude. The whole experience was mind blowing. The aircraft was easy to fly and afforded fantastic viewing with the bubble canopy. Will be returning for more shortly and would recommend to anyone wishing to experience to beauty of flight
Date of Posting: 21 March 2014
Posted By: Denys Truman
Staff were great, good chat, well informed on what we were doing during the flight - would absolutely recommend to friends
Date of Posting: 19 March 2014
Posted By: Adam Matthias
Having had some prevoous flight training (10hours) approximately 40 years ago it was tremendous to be nehind the control once more. The plane (Dimples) flew magnificently - will do it again - time to get a license
Date of Posting: 19 March 2014
Posted By: Denys Truman
Very good introduction for a start. Very good and friendly instructors. Very good details of every step from A to Z. Very smooth landing as well
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Julien Bassennec
Just experiencing flight and being in control of the aircraft is something worth experiencing
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Peter Zazlan
Very enjoyable, aircraft good and easy to play, friendly staff
Date of Posting: 17 March 2014
Posted By: Gary Humphries
I was going through FB when I came across the Inspire Aviation page, after clicking on I came across the Chics with wings site, which were offering free flights to inspire & encouage more female pilots. After thinking about it I rung up and booked my flight. I have the biggest fear of flying and thought this would be great to overcome once and for all. Little did I know that flight would change my life forever. Once up in the air flying my life changed when pilot Matt said "you are flying" the feeling of empowerment was amazing, all my fears & anxiety was left behind in the skies.
It gave me the strength to leave an abusive relationship (which I did) and who would of thought that the courage came from facing my fear of flying.
So a big thankyou to everyone at inspire Aviation for putting on a brilliant day with amazing staff and pilots and for giving me inspiration. P.S. I've told everyone they must fly with Inspire Aviation and posted all pics & video on my FB page. Also as soon as a date is available before the 30/04/14 I'm there with my friends.
Date of Posting: 17 March 2014
Posted By: Anon
Flight experience was extremely enjoyable. The pilot / flight instructor being fantastic with explanations
Date of Posting: 16 March 2014
Posted By: Colin Douglas
Flying with Matt was very good experience and would definitely fly again
Date of Posting: 16 March 2014
Posted By: Shanon Brough
It was enjoyable flight and a lot of fun
Date of Posting: 16 March 2014
Posted By: Abin Phillip

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