The RA-Aus Recreational Pilots Certificate is an awesome way to gain the privilege to pilot a light aircraft. Todays recreational

aircraft are fast, well equipped and inexpensive to fly. At Inspire Aviation, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of

raining and the best value for money training. Your ab-initio training is the most important phase of your training, as this will

form the basis of skills and ability hence providing you with a sound knowledge should you wish to continue down the road

towards an Aviation Career.



While you will find your flight training both exciting and exhilarating, you will be trained to the highest standards by professionally

qualified CASA accredited / RA-Aus Flying Instructors. We aim to ensure that your investment spent on flight training provides you

with the necessary level of skills to safely and proficiently pilot an aircraft within Australia.


The Stages Required!

There are several stages along the way. These are explained below. Click below to find out more.

1) Pilot Certificate2) Passenger Carrying3) Cross Country4) Advanced Endorsements

The staff at Inspire Aviation have realized that most students who are learning to fly need between 20 and 25 hours

of training to reach the standard requirements in the syllabus, although this does depend on each individual it is

advisable to make sure that you can afford a minimum of 30 hours before starting on your journey to becoming a pilot.

Inspire Aviation frequently holds optional in house theory courses which last approximately 1 week for BAK, and longer

for anything else. The in-house course will count as your training for the theory examinations. Any student who is under

18 years of age will have to produce written permission from their parent or guardian that they are allowed to

undertake the flying lessons to obtain the pilot certificate.

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