The cost is dependent on the type of flying, and the level of licence and type ratings required. We are available to discuss the individuals requirements so that a suitable course can be structured to suit your needs. Keep in mind that flying training is a team effort between the student and the instructor. A student is free to postpone or re-structure their course at any time. Inspire Aviation is flexible and adaptable.

Course details, prices and conditions are available on request and notified by email, fax, or post.

Flight training consists of two parts: ground school and flight training. Ground school teaches students the principles, procedures, and regulations that are put into practice during flying lessons. One portion of the certification process consists of a computerized exam. Ground school is designed to prepare students for this test. Ground school classes are available in a variety of formats, from classroom sessions, to a weekend "cram" course, to a home study course.

Nausea is rare among pilots. Occasionally it may take a few lessons to get used to the sensation of flight. After a few hours in the air, normal flight often begins to feel as natural as driving a car. If airsickness persists, students often consult a physician for recommended motion sickness medications. These drugs are used to help individuals become accustomed to motion and should only be used when flying with an instructor.

It all depends on why you would like to fly. If you're interested in flying only at one small, rural field for the pure enjoyment of flight, then a recreational certificate may be a good fit. If you plan to go on to more advanced ratings, aircraft, and capabilities, then the private certificate is the best choice. Inspire Aviation can organise your dreams, contact us to discuss them.

From the moment you take-off you are in the Caloundra training Area!  At Inspire Aviation, students can go solo from the same Airport as the school is located. All flight training is conducted by Qualified Flight Instructors who must also hold a CASA issued Australian Commercial Pilot Licence prior to commencing work with Inspire Aviation..