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Inspire Aviation is owned and operated by highly qualified personal holding both Australian Commercial Pilot Licences with instructor ratings and Recreational Aviation Instructor ratings. Being an approved General& Recreational flight training facility, all Inspire Aviation pilots can transition easily to General Aviation RPL or PPL licences with a minimum of fuss. You will stay with the same instructors and train from the same building you started in. All exams are in house including all CASA online exams.

Ideally, this question is answered before training begins. Flying offers a wealth of opportunities. Sightseeing flights with friends and family, visiting nearby airports, and making new friends are all possibilities. More distant airports make great destinations for vacations, business, and pleasure trips. Many pilots have learned aerobatics for fun and competition, built and flown their own aircraft, and restored antique/classic aircraft. Many have reached out-of-the-way locations by learning to fly float planes and aircraft on skis. Tailwheel airplanes can also get in and out of very small or rough landing strips. The sky is the limit, and Inspire Aviation can help you realise and achieve your dream.

The aircraft will glide and is under control of the pilot. Such an event is a very rare occurrence and most pilots in their flying life will never experience it. Your training is conducted at Caloundra and in the associated training area - as such there are many large fields available for landing. You will experience full training associated with all emergency procedures.

Typically you can obtain a RA Pilot Certificate, Private or Commercial Pilot Licence when colour blind. You should seek specific guidance directly from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) listed on their website. Some airlines and the military may impose more strict medical requirements than those of the class 1 medical required for a CPL.