For anyone holding a General Aviation licence, conversion training to Recreational Aviation Australia (RA Aus) is minimal and does not require you to complete further flying lessons or flying courses to be able to get a Recreational Aviation licence. As all pilots know, the joys of flying and being able to share the experience of being up in the air with others is highly addictive. Now you can convert your General Aviation licence to a Recreational Aviation licence with ease.

Although the basics of flying different aircraft remain the same, the main difference between an aircraft used in General Aviation and Recreational Aviation is the lighter (MTOW) weight of the Recreational aircraft. This is one of the reasons why you will require flying training towards the issue of your R.A.Aus licence.

The basic requirements for people wanting to do the GA to RA(AUS) Conversion are as follows:

  • Have a valid pilot certificate (PPL(A); CPL(A) or ATPL(A))
  • Complete five hours flying in a registered RA aircraft.
  • Complete one hour solo flight.

Although the length of the course does differ from one person to another, you can expect to spend approximately five hours flying time for the conversion course. Before you will be allowed to go on a solo flight you would need to have a student pilot certificate and have full RA-AUS membership.

There are many of the general aviation licence endorsements which can be automatically converted for your recreational aviation licence, these endorsements include cross country, adjustable propeller and retractable undercarriage. During the GA to RA(AUS) conversion you can also fly an additional two hours solo to receive the endorsement to carry passengers.

The hours you have spent flying during your flying lessons for your pilot licence can be used towards the GA to RA(AUS) Conversion so long as there are more hours logged than the minimum required for the pilot licence. All pilots will have to prove to the chief flying instructor that they have a full understanding of the flight rules and procedures. There are no official tests to pass for the conversion course.

For your conversion course you will need to provide proof that you are medically fit to fly the aircraft. Presenting a valid driver’s licence, a doctor’s letter stating that you are medically sound or a class one or two medical certificate will all be sufficient proof.

As a member of Recreational Aviation Australia you will receive the following benefits:

  • A copy of the operations and technical manual
  • Limited public liability insurance
  • Subscription to Recreational Aviation Australia magazine for 1 year

You will be flying one of our recreational aircraft during your flying lessons, all of our aircraft are certified by CASA and maintained to the highest standards.

With your GA to RA(AUS) Conversion, you are able to go on further courses and obtain the following endorsements:

  • High performance
  • Low Performance
  • Nose Wheel
  • Tail Wheel
  • Formation
  • Waterborne
  • In-Flight Adjustable Propeller
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • Low Level
  • Glider Towing
  • Two Stroke
  • Instructor Rating

There are additional costs involved with converting your licence from general aviation to recreational aviation, although these costs are considerably less than general aviation costs. They include your RA(AUS) membership which has to be renewed on an annual basis, your log book, additional texts as necessary and replacement maps and charts for navigation.

Converting your licence from general aviation to recreational aviation gives you a new lease on the joys of flying.  Take your passion for flying to a new level and convert your general aviation licence to a recreational aviation licence.

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