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Do you have a passion for flying and want to share your knowledge, or perhaps a start to your flying career? An RA(Aus)  Flight Instructor Rating is the first step for you!

Inspire Aviation Flight Instructor School

A Flight Instructor Rating is a challenging yet fun course that takes your flying skills and flight management to the next level. In some ways it is like learning to fly all over again, but this time learning so that you can teach others.

The Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) Course has Four components:

Flight Training and Experience Requirements

Requirements for the issue of a Flight Instructor Rating are detailed in the RAAus Operations Manual, Section 2.08 – Flight Crew Certificate Flight Instructor Rating

The requirements can be found here.

Course Details

The course consists of four main components. It can be delivered full time, part time, or even casually – designed to fit in to your schedule and budget constraints.

Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI)

PMI is a theory course that looks at how people learn, the best ways to teach, and some of the common difficulties that can arise in the student/instructor relationship and strategies to deal with them. It provides the basis for the rest of the Instructor Rating Course.

Classroom Briefings

This section of the course ensures that your knowledge is up to a professional level and will also improve your presentation skills. Two types of briefings are covered, long briefs and pre-flight briefs.

Instructor Flight Training

There is 20 hours of instructor flight training which is undertaken with a Senior Instructor or the Chief Flying Instructor. During this phase you will be shown how to demonstrate, assist and provide critique to students in all flying sequences from the ab-initio Pilot Certificate sylabus.

At the completion of your course you will be examined and issued your rating directly by the Recreational Aviation (Aust.) federation.

Flight Instructor Rating Course Estimate

Below is an estimate based on current pricing.

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Ground School

– Theory Manual

– PMI Course (approximately 10 hours)

– Classroom Briefings (approximately 30 hours)


Instructor Flight Training

– 20 hours of dual flying with a Senior Instructor / CFI including:


Estimated Total: $6450.00

– Price is exclusive of GST.

– pre-paid in full or via installments.

– 50% Payment up front

– Balance payment as you go, not less than $1000 in advance at any point


Flight Test and PE Testing Officer Fees

– 2.0 Hours Solo Rate

– Testing Officer



BYO Aircraft

– Pay Instructor rate only

– Landing Fees, Movement Fees, aircraft operating costs are at your            

– High & Low Performance, three axis only.

Subtract $2000 per student from FULL price

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