As the holder of a RA-Aus Pilot Certificate, you are certified to fly the airplane around the Sunshine Coast, (within a 25 mile radius)   Once you have achieved your Pilot Certificate, you can now continue with your flying training and complete further endorsements by undertaking additional flying lessons to achieve. The most popular endorsements are the  Passenger Carriage Endorsement and Cross Country Endorsements. There are however many more endorsements you can add to your Pilot Certificate. These include but are not limited to: Waterborne – Inflight Adjustable Propeller – Tail Wheel – Retractable Undercarriage – Two Stroke – Formation Flying etc.


Passenger Carriage Endorsement

The passenger carriage endorsement permits you to carry passengers while you are flying. The requirements for the passenger carriage endorsement are as follows:

Once you have achieved the passenger carriage endorsement you will be able to spoil your family and friends to flights around the Sunshine Coast and let them experience the fun in flying!



Cross Country Endorsement

The cross country endorsement allows you to fly anywhere in Australia remaining outside of controlled airspace. The requirements for the Cross Country Endorsement are as follows:

You can also take the PPL Theory Course as an optional extra, although this is not a necessity to obtain your Cross Country Endorsement. With the cross country endorsement you have the freedom of being able to fly anywhere you want to outside of controlled air space in Australia which makes flying even more exciting.

N.B.  All flight training outcomes are competency based. Each student is different and therefore hours may vary between students.


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