Realise your dream to fly today

Here at Inspire Aviation, we offer pathways to all facets of aviation, Recreational through to Commercial and Instructor Training.

Recreational Pilot Certificate

The RA-Aus Recreational Pilot Certificate is an affordable opportunity to learn fundamental flying skills from experts. Recreational aircraft today come with advanced technology for a seamless flying experience. Obtaining the certificate is a stepping stone to becoming a pilot and offers an exciting thrill with cutting-edge features. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and reach new heights by piloting a light aircraft today!

Recreational Pilot Licence

The CASA Recreational Pilot Licence is the alternative first step in your flying career, with you gaining the privilege to pilot a CASA registered aircraft up to 1500kg gross weight.



Private Pilot Licence

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the first internationally recognised licence. The holder of a PPL can fly anywhere across Australia in any airspace. This licence is the gateway to other operational ratings: the night rating, instrument rating, and multi-engine class rating.

Commercial Pilot Licence

A CPL A license offers a path to fulfil your aviation dreams by granting you the ability to fly for hire and reward in various commercial operations. With personal growth and exciting career adventures on offer, it’s an opportunity not to be missed..

Night VFR Rating

Are you ready to take your piloting skills to the next level? Imagine soaring through the skies at night, taking in the stunning beauty of our country under the stars. With a NVFR certification, you can make that dream a reality. Embrace the challenge and expand your skill set by learning to fly at night in a single or multi-engine aeroplane. Don’t let fear hold you back from experiencing the exhilaration and tranquillity of flying under the stars. Let’s take flight and explore the breathtaking sights that only night-time flying can offer!

MPPC and Retractable Endorsements

Manual Propeller Pitch Control and Retractable Undercarriage endorsement. 

Multi-Engine Class Rating

Enhance your career with the addition of a Multi-Engine Class Rating to your licence. Training is conducted in our Beechcraft Duchess B76.

Instructor Rating

Become an inspiring Instructor with the Instructor Rating Grade 3 Training Endorsement. Reach new heights in your career and empower your potential. Inspire others and start now!

Instrument Rating

The Instrument and Private Instrument Ratings allow the holder to fly in cloud and reduced visibility conditions. This rating adds flexibility to the use of the pilot licence.

Training for the instrument ratings is coming soon to Inspire Aviation.  


Prior to going for your first solo, you will be required to hold a General English Language Proficiency (GELP) at minimum. Prior to your first licence, you will need an Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP). We offer AELP Level 6 assessment services with bookings on request.

CASA Exams

Inspire Aviation offers in-house sittings of the CASA PEXO exams from RPL(A) to PIFR. Bookings can be made on request for a flexible alternative to ASPEQ exam centres. 

Colour Vision

CASA’s newly introduced Operational Colour Vision Assessment enables pilots that have colour vision difficulty to potentially obtain an operational assessment that will enable them to continue on their aviation journey. 

Student Testimonials

"Such a great group of people that have become a second family to me and helped get me to completing my first solo and then my Rec Pilot Licence (RPL). If you are a pilot already requiring more training, a newby (like me) considering learning to fly or just wanting to go for a scenic flight of the beautiful Sunny Coast I recommend you don't go anywhere else than Inspire Aviation. I have made life long friends there and enjoy every minute of learning this new skill with such a dedicated and safety driven team beside me. Thank you so much for everything so far and the years to come guys!"
Geoff Dyball
"I seriously cannot rate you highly enough nor thank you enough! Inspire Aviation is a fantastic place to learn to fly!! As someone who travels from Brisbane & can only come once a week, I always wondered if it was sustainable, however the friendly, relaxed but professional atmosphere, great instructors & coupled with training methods that work based on how I learn - I know I'm going to be coming here for years, if not for training, then just Private hire 🙂 Thank you again & I'll see you next Saturday!!!"
Kurt Herron
"Amazing crew at Inspire Aviation, lead by HoO Gleyn White! Did my RPC to RPL conversion and they were very helpful and professional every step of the way. The pre flight briefings they provide go above and beyond the required standard, as they are committed to ensuring that students are provided with a greater depth of knowledge far beyond what the syllabus requires. They have a wide range of aircraft available from RA-Aus aircraft, to bigger GA aircraft, so they can help you no matter what stage in your flying you are up to... The instructors always make you feel welcome, and there’s always someone to help you with any questions you may have, as the flight school is simply one big family. I have been to a few flying schools, and I am yet to see a flying school with the dedication, attention to detail, and genuine desire to see their students succeed as much as Inspire does."
Joshua Sarvari
Inspire Aviation