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Fixed Price Recreational Pilot Certificate

Fixed Price Recreational Pilot Certificate.
$ 6250.00

Once the bug has bitten it is almost impossible to ignore it, and sometime the desire to achieve something exciting is so big that you want to get

there as quickly as possible. This is why Inspire Aviation is offering for a very short time, the fixed price Pilot Certificate course ~ No More to Pay!

You will receive the highest quality flying training by CASA & RAA accredited flight instructors. All training is conducted to the equivalant required

standard for the issue of the CASA RPL. Transition to higher licenses e.g. RPL PPL CPL is made easier and also conducted here at the school. 

This package includes:

  • All Dual Flying Training required for the issue of a R.A.Aus Pilot Certificate (RPC). You do not have to pay extra after 20 hours!!
  • 5 Hours Solo Flight Training.
  • All required flight briefs on flight theory.
  • Maps, charts & checklist.
  • CASA Approved Flight Logbook
  • All this would normally cost around $8450.00 plus additional training if required.
  • Inspire Aviation special price  ONLY $6250.00  ~ No more to pay!

  • This December 2018 offer is strictly limited to the first 10 new applicants.
  • For full details and conditions of the package, please contact the school on 07 5641 1220 BH. 

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CASA Approval: CASA.141 FTO.0021

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