The Aeroplane Flight Review (AFR), which is commonly referred to as the BFR is a legal requirement and needs to be adhered

to by everyone who has a pilot licence regardless of whether that licence is an R.A.AUS or a CASA licence. The BFR provides

an opportunity for you to refresh your aircraft handling and piloting skills with a qualified flight instructor. It also ensures you are

aware of any changes, either regulations or operating proceedures that may have been updated during the previous 24 months.

Your instructor will ensure you are up to date in both ground and flying procedures.


Everyone with a pilot licence will complete a BFR course every 24 months with a qualified instructor. The BFR is usually a minimum

of 1 hour ground revision and 1 hour in-flight revision, after which your instructor will endorse your log book and your BFR will be

complete for the following 24 months.

Although there is no pass or fail for the BFR if your instructor has found that you have developed bad habits which put your safety

and the safety of other pilots and or passengers at risk, you may require further instruction prior to the log book entry being made.

Please note that if you have conducted a flight test for any endorsement or rating this also counts as a BFR and the 24 months is

dated from the day of that flight.


R.A.Aus BFR Form

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