About Us

Welcome to Inspire Aviation Caloundra, the place where dreams take flight! As an approved Flight Training Facility, we offer a range of services for both Recreational and General Aviation. 

Our experienced team of instructors are here to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to obtain an RPC, RPL, PPL, NVFR, or even a CPL PIFR/MECIR FIR Pilot License. 

No matter what your schedule may be, we offer training 7 days a week so you can choose what works best for you. Our aircraft are some of the most well-equipped and modern models in the region with 5 late-model RA-Aus aircraft and 9 Cessna/Piper/Beechcraft aircraft to choose from. We believe that flying is not just a profession, it’s a passion. 

Our aim is to make it a fun and thrilling adventure for you! Come and meet our team for a coffee and let’s work together to create a program that suits your requirements.

All theory exams are conducted in house up to and including PIFR, and this includes all flight tests. We also offer Operational Colour Vision Assessment testing for those requiring this service.

Our Mission

The quality of our graduates is paramount to us. Our mission is to produce highly proficient pilots in a cost effective manner. Many of these pilots will be highly sought after as professionals in airline and corporate aviation career fields. Others will be highly competent private pilots. We provide a proven, structured educational curriculum which requires multiple skill evaluations at various points in training, given by experienced teachers, as a centerpiece of our pilot training process. We will not settle for hit or miss fact dissemination and mere accumulation of required flight hours. Pilot proficiency is our goal.

Our mission is driven by our values: professionalism, responsibility, integrity, quality, safety and courtesy. We believe these core values are key to strengthening the personal character of our students as they prepare for an occupation in aviation. Our vision is clear. We will produce highly sought after career pilots and greatly esteemed private pilots.

Our Instructors

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RA-Aus CFI - GA Instructor

Sam Byron


Snr RA-Aus / GA Instructor

Brock Clifford


Snr RA-Aus / GA Instructor


Snr RA-Aus Instructor/CPL

Dan Guest


RA-Aus / GA Instructor


RA-Aus Instructor / CPL


Snr RA-Aus Instructor

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