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Inspire Aviation Caloundra consists of a number of qualified people who have a passion for
flying and the desire to help anyone in the aviation industry to become the best pilot they can be.

All Inspire instructors hold a minimum Australian CASA issued Commercial Pilot Licence.

Here is the Inspire Aviation team.



Gleyn White Chief Flying Instructor - Owner


Gleyn White is the R.A.Aus Chief Flying Instructor here at Inspire Aviation. He has some 27 years of aviation experience including charter and commercial operations both here and in the United States, complemented by his colourful career as an instructor. Gleyn's qualifications include a General Aviation Grade 1 Flying Instructor Rating, current Aust. & USA Commercial Pilot Licences & R.A.Aus Chief Flying Instructor Approval. No matter what you would like to achieve in aviation, Gleyn is a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to assist you on your journey from Pilot Certificate all the way to CPL.  


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 Melissa White Bookings and Administration - Owner 


Melissa White is a driving force of Inspire Aviation, working behind the scenes to deliver a first class experience to all clients. With her friendly administrative skill, Melissa commits her time to inspiring others to follow their dreams to become an aviator. The next time you enquire about flying with Inspire Aviation, she will likely be the smile on the other end of the conversation, ready to help you take the first steps on your journey ahead.


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 Jonathan Tullemans Senior Flying Instructor


"Jonno" made his home here at Inspire Aviation some three years ago. He is a qualified Australian Commercial Pilot CASA Flight Instructor and Senior R.A.Aus Flying Instructor. Jonno's dedication extends to aviation six days a week, flying each day with the same energy as the first. His professionalism and attention to detail make him the perfect instructor to ensure you are reaching your full potential. Jonno's love of aviation and determination make him a great asset to the team and a pilot you will love to fly with.


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 Mitch Boyle Flying Instructor
 mitch 2


Mitch joined the team here at Inspire Aviation holding both General and Recreational flight instructor ratings. In 2008, at the age of 16, Mitch participated in a charity flying event where he became the youngest pilot to solo circumnavigate mainland Australia. Todate he still holds this record. If your ready to take the first step, Mitch is available to assist you along your journey to becoming a pilot.

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 Jamie Young
Flying Instructor



Jamie is our latest instructor to join the team here at Inspire Aviation. Jamie is also a qualified Sim Instructor with several thousand hours experience on Hornet Aircraft. Always eager to sit and have a chat to assist pilots along their journey.         

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