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Finished school and want to learn to fly?

Inspire Aviation have put together a extra special Learn To Fly package
for school leavers wishing to learn to fly. During the months of December
18 and January 2019, you can learn to fly & achieve your Pilot Certificate
at this very discounted price. This package includes 20 hours of training
i.e. 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo required for the certificate along with
all theory and examinations and finally your flight test.

Students must take into account that the R.A.Aus certificate issued 
is competency based and not all students may acheive the standard
required in the 20 hours. Inspire Aviation takes pride in our standard
of training and our goal is for students to reach the required standard
in the minimum time frame while acheiving the best results possible.

Should a student not reach the competency in this time, we offer any 
extra flight training at a 20% discount from the normal cost.

How Do I Apply?

IA Womo 2013  IA Womo 2014  IA Womo 2015  IA WOA 2015

CASA Approval: CASA.141 FTO.0021

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