Why Choose Inspire Aviation?





Inspire Aviation is located on the Caloundra Airfield just north of Brisbane City. The airfield has two sealed strips allowing students to gain a solid understanding and knowledge of crosswind situations.  At present, Caloundra has no landing fees and we are in our training area as soon as we are airbourne. This saves on extra costs travelling to and from the airfield and costs associated with landing fees. All this and a very picturesque training area to learn to fly in.



Inspire Aviation is the only aviation school on the Caloundra airfield holding both General Aviation and Recreational  Aviation training approvals. We hold approvals for RAAus Certificates including Instructor Training, along with CASA approvals for training up to Commercial Pilot and Instructor & Instrument ratings. Upon finishing your training, there are 12 aircraft available in our fleet for your to hire. We can take you from RPC - CPL - NVFR here without leaving the area.



Inspire Aviation have 4 LSA aircraft including 2 Texan, 1 Tecnam Sierra  and a CTLS for RAAus training. The GA fleet now includes 2 Beechcraft Skippers, 2 ~ Cessna 172,  2 ~ Piper Cherokees,  1~Cessna 210, 1 ~ Piper Cherokee Six 300  1 ~ Piper Seneca twin. All aircraft are available for training and private hire. Check our competitive rates.



All theory and flight training is conducted one on one. You won't be subjected to multiple student briefings, but one on one with your instructor so you can ask questions along the way and gain a strong understanding of aeronautical knowledge. All briefings are to the standard required by CASA for the issue of  RPL PPL . This makes for an easy transition to larger General Aviation aircraft should you choose later to further your aviation licenses.



Inspire Aviation have an inhouse aviator store where we carry on hand a full range of maps and charts, license holders,  ERSA etc. We also have a full range of navigation equipment, training manuals, ANR Bluetooth headsets, caps , jackets and polo's.





 2020 price


Learn to fly from just $5550 with Inspire Aviation's Autumn Promotion.

This course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks from commencement. Included

in the course are 20 hours of flight training, being 15 hours of dual & 5 hours of solo,

all flight briefings and flight theory, all required exams for your certificate and the final

R.A.Aus flight test.   See Great Offer Below!

Our goal is to provide professional and safe flight training in modern LSA aircraft and

achieve this at the best possible cost outcome for our Inspire Aviation students.

All candidates must be aware that the Recreational Pilot Certificate is competency

based and some students may take a little longer to achieve the required standard.

Should any extra training hours required, they will be available at a discounted rate

just $225 per hour in any one of our 4 professionally maintained LSA aircraft. 

All training is completed on a one on one basis, using R.A.Aus / CASA approved

training syllabus. You will receive personal theory training with the ability of being 

able to discuss any and all aspects along the way with your instructor. 

Training is available 7 days a week and once you have decided to start your flying

we can customise a course plan that suits you.

On completion of your certificate, you can complete all of the endorsements you

wish to. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Passenger Carrying.

  • Cross Country

  • Adjustable Propeller

  • Retractable UnderCarriage

  • 2 Stroke / Low Level / Tail Wheel

    Special Offer!

    For students who complete this flight training with Inspire Aviation and wish to complete

    their passenger endorsement, you can complete the required extra 5 hours of solo flying

    required for the endorsement at just $140 per hour!


The transition to a CASA,  RPL / PPL is also a very easy process and available to our students.

All training is available for RPL PPL CPL NVFR with all exams and flight tests conducted in house.


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Finished school and want to learn to fly?

Inspire Aviation have put together a extra special Learn To Fly package
for school leavers wishing to learn to fly. During the months of December
2019 and April 2020, you can learn to fly & achieve your Pilot Certificate
at this very discounted price. This package includes 20 hours of training
i.e. 15 hours dual and 5 hours solo required for the certificate along with
all theory and examinations and finally your flight test.

Students must take into account that the R.A.Aus certificate issued 
is competency based and not all students may acheive the standard
required in the 20 hours. Inspire Aviation takes pride in our standard
of training and our goal is for students to reach the required standard
in the minimum time frame while acheiving the best results possible.

Should a student not reach the competency standard in this time, we
offer any further flight training at a 20% discount from the normal cost.

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